National Sibling Day -or - The Value of Intercessory Prayer

That's my favorite title I've ever made. 

Today is National Sibling Day, which I didn't know until I logged into Facebook and found my brother had posted a sweet appreciative post. But beyond that, days before it was National Sibling Day he sent me a ridiculously encouraging message telling me how much he liked our friendship and how much he believed in me. 

If you've known me for longer than ten years you are believing in miracles after reading that. 

If you haven't known me that long, let me break it down for you. Becoming friends with my older brother was a long, rocky road full of tears and anger and hurts and brokenness. But guys, I serve a God of redemption. I serve a God of mending what is broken and of reconciliation. I know that a big part of our journey to friendship was unseen and unheard by either of us. I know that a big part of our journey to the place we are today was the God of healing who honored the faithful prayers of the people who loved us. Not just our parents but their families and faith communities as well. 

As parents we all know how important praying for our kids is, but it's so equally important to bring those prayers to others in our lives, our families, our friends, our church family. In Hebrews chapter 10 the Bible talks about us being members of one body but each having different functions. Can I just tell you that I believe in the spiritual gift of being a prayer warrior? Yes we all pray, but  I believe there are people among us who are gifted by the Holy Spirit as intercessors, praying unceasingly for anything and everything they can. 

I believe in this gift because I've known people with this gift, because I'm a product of people with this gift, because some of the most profound healing and growth of my life is a result of people with this gift. 

Paul believed in the power of intercessors so much so that he included a greeting from one to the church in Colossae in his letter to them (Col. 4:12,13). He hoped they would be encouraged by the very knowledge that a prayer warrior was praying for them!!

A rare moment of stillness brought on by Sesame Street. 

A rare moment of stillness brought on by Sesame Street. 

I worry sometimes, like any parent, about my kids. About their lives and futures and the choices they'll make and the adults they will grow in to. And yes, I worry about their relationship to one another. I want them to be close, to love each other and to be a safe place for each other, to encourage each other and build each other up. And because I worry about all these things I take it to my faith community, to my intercessors, to my prayer warriors, who wrestle in prayer on my behalf that I may stand mature and fully assured in everything that God wills. And it gives me peace. 

Take your prayers to your faith community, to your intercessors, to your prayer warriors, that you would know peace. 

I'm so thankful my brother and I were prayed over and for and that we came out the other side as more than siblings, as friends who choose to be in relationship with each other. 

Happy National Sibling Day big brother, I love you. 


*its worth noting that I also have a younger brother and sister that I love dearly. Happy Siblings Day guys!!