What I've Learned

Woohoo! Post number two today! You're excited, right? Better late than never!

First of all, can I just reiterate how thankful I am for my grandma's guest post? It was awesome. 

We're almost half way through this 32 days and I wanted to share with you one of the ways that this series has impacted and changed me. 

Today a member of my family was in the hospital. I was with several other members of my family when we heard and my very first thought was let's pray for her. I didn't say anything because I figured we were all probably saying silent prayers for her and I felt awkward telling my fam "hey you, stop what you're doing and pray now". I didn't want to come across holier than thou or like I was being presumptuous or pushy, so I stifled it. But it gnawed at me. The Lord kept saying "Didn't you write a whole post about obedient prayer?" 


So I followed my own advice, got brave, and asked if we could pray. The three of us stood in a circle and held hands and prayed for health and peace and strength. 

Guys. I had no idea how accountable this whole thing was making me. Since starting this 31 days I have become acutely aware of the opportunities for prayer. I don't know if I'm just more awesome now, or if the Lord is speaking louder but I suspect it's because I'm paying closer attention. I suspect it's because I made a decision to be obedient when I felt that push. And the more obedient I am, the more often I feel the nudge. I'm not going to lie, it can be uncomfortable and it can make me feel awkward, but it's also kind of awesome. 

Thank you for walking this road with me, please know that I'm not trying to be an expert, I don't know everything or even a lot of things. This has not been a teaching exercise for me at all, it has been a learning experience! 

Side note: it was silly of me to think asking my family to pray was going to be received badly by any of them. It reminded me that Satan doesn't want us to pray and will give us reasons not to and shame on me for buying into it. 

Side note two: my hospital bound family member was issued an all clear and sent home. Yay!