Are We There Yet

I'm such a slacker! This is actually yesterday's blog but yesterday I got to spend the day with lots of family celebrating the impending arrival of the newest addition to our clan!! The day got away from me while I enjoyed family and friends and oohed and ahhed at sweet little baby clothes. So today you get two! And I'm so psyched because this first is by a guest blogger!!! My incredible grandma agreed to write a post for me and I'm so excited to share her wisdom and insight with you all! 

                      Isn't she cute??


Psalms 107:28-30 "Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.  He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.  Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he BROUGHT THEM TO THEIR DESIRED HAVEN."
Are we there yet are words that resonate with any parent who has traveled with a child. First stop light, “are we there yet?”  Bathroom break, “are we there yet?”  Car slows down for a chicken crossing the road, “are we there yet?” The parent is bombarded with, “how much longer?” “Is it far?” “I’m tired, I don’t like this trip.” The frustration and impatience level is intense for all concerned as the car rolls on mile after mile, even the parent is thinking and feeling, “are we ever going to get there?”
I have felt this kind of frustration at times with prayer.  Are we EVER going to get there?  Is God EVER going to answer, does he EVEN hear me when I pray.  Nothing changes. Circumstances are the same, possibly worse!  God, where are you, can’t you hurry this up.  We all love when our prayers are answered quickly and concisely.  Our faith mounts up with wings like an eagle, our hearts skip and dance like sunbeams on water.  We stand in awe at the mystery of it all.  But what about those times when we pray and seemingly get no results. Do we experience doubt?   Do we get discouraged?  Do we want to quit? I can’t answer for you, but I can tell you that I have gone through enormous doubt, discouragement and yes, wanted to quit.  I have questioned God and his promises.  I have questioned my faith.  I have questioned my own worthiness in expectation of answered prayer.  I’m sorry if this disappoints or causes jaws to drop.  It has been proven to me that God has never been nervous about my honesty; in fact, in those times he has ALWAYS restored my faith.  Oh yes, in my desperation, where was there to go but to God!  Pouring out my fear and hurt, asking the age old question of why, verbalizing my emotion, doubt and at times utter disgust.  The arms of a loving and merciful God have cradled me and shushed me like a gentle breeze….be still and know that I am God.
At age 45 our only son was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer.  We immediately prayed and prayed some more.  We were heart sick as we watched him go through surgery, we prayed.  We were devastated at the cruelty of chemo for 9 months, we prayed.  A year later he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  We prayed and prayed and prayed.  People everywhere were praying. We watched his handsome strong body become weaker, thinner and sicker.   Are we there yet?  When does this prayer thing kick in: how much longer?  I wish I could tell you that suddenly he was healed and we all went out and ate ice cream.  NOT!  Three and half years we prayed.  I went to bed many nights, laid my head down and with tears streaming said, God thank you.  We are all in our beds tonight.  Our son is still with us and able to be with his wife and sons.  Thank you for one more day, one more night.   Some would call it resignation of the situation but for me it was and is all about trust.   It all came down to, God I trust you even though I don’t understand, I TRUST you.  
Our son will soon be 2 years cancer free.  I still have fears and doubts and questions.  I still pray and most days believe.  Life is a journey with a measure of bumps in the road.  Sometimes the potholes seem as deep and vast as standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon.   Life without prayer is like trying to take a trip without gas.  Prayer gets us where we need to be, not always where we want to be.  
Prayer has and always will be a major part of my life.  I don’t always do it well and I fail at times to pray as I ought.  But I WILL pray.  I will give thanks for prayers answered quickly and I will stand firm when they are not and wait.  I will diligently pray the truth of the Word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit and by faith in the Name of Jesus.  
Are we there yet?  No, but getting closer, I can see the LIGHT.
Psalm 107:28-30 ………..and he brought them to their desired Haven.