31 Days of Prayer {in the trenches}

Over the next 31 days I am going to be posting a blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I know, you got tingles, huh.

In part this is a personal writing challenge, to be disciplined and consistent in writing and to plug in to an audience of other bloggers who can supply feedback and {constructive} criticism and support. This is big for me because I don't actually consider myself a blogger. I've had a blog for over ten years (I don't want to talk about that very scary fact) but don't post much and only usually when I have something to say that I can't hold in. I'd like to be more consistent, if just to exercise some discipline. 

But the larger part of this is an opportunity to spend 31 days talking about something I highly value, something that's been on my heart in a big way recently: prayer. Over the next month I hope to talk about the spiritual discipline of prayer, it's importance in our spiritual growth, and some applicable steps to strengthen your prayer life and mine. As a stay at home mom it can be hard to carve out prayer time, and so often my prayers sound more like desperate pleas for help or sanity than an intentional daily practice. I want to explore how to develop and maintain a healthy and intentional prayer life as a busy mom. 

This post will serve as the index. Below is a list of all future posts in this challenge, as I write each I will come back and insert the link so that each day becomes clickable. Neat, huh? 

So this is day one, and now you know what to expect from the next 30 days. See you tomorrow! 

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