I Feel Pretty

No I don't. It has not gotten easier to feel pretty or beautiful without my array of colors, correctors, and highlighters. I keep waiting for my "come to Jesus moment" and it's not happening.

Interestingly I find myself compensating in how I dress. Cute trendy clothes I haven't worn in ages either due to pregnancy weight or because of my SAHM status (I'm a clothes hoarder, I don't like to "waste" outfits on days at home) are finding their way out of my closet and onto my body. I'm guessing this isn't much better than a makeup covering.

The point of this particular intentional self-denial is getting fuzzy. Who cares if I need help feeling pretty. Who cares if I try to convey my hoped perception with makeup. Who cares if I am seriously financially and emotionally addicted?

I miss eyeliner.